Project 365 (Year 2010): 26.01.2010

Project 365 (Year 2010): 25.01.2010
25 January 2010
Ooh Baby: Lil’ Amanda l Glenmarie l Malaysia
27 January 2010
My First Shootsac!

"My First Shootsac!"

I’m sooooo happy I finally got my Christmas pressie today! I bought this Shootsac before Christmas las year and it was sent to my sis-in-law’s address in the U.S. And she’s finally back in Malaysia for a visit! Better late than never, rite? 😉 Awesome lens bag and it feels sooo comfy to wear. And I soooo believe that my lenses are feeling as happy as I am too! 😀 Hahaha…

Check out Shootsac’s blog for more info & pretty pics of Shootsacs in action!

Doesn’t the red match my logo? 😉

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