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“FRESH 48” = Welcoming Baby VM
1 March 2017
Newborn Portraiture ♥ Baby YK.
13 July 2017

Asther Lau Photographer

Today Facebook sent us a notification saying that our followers on this page haven’t heard from us in a while.

Apologies for the long silence. ????

I have been traveling to a few places recently for shoots and a friend’s wedding.

And life has been quite full with both ups and downs… you know… the usuals. ☺️

This year, I need to take it easier for the sake of my health and also to be more present for my family.

This doesn’t mean I am neglecting my work or doing less work. I am actually still trying very hard to ensure that all my work is done properly despite the shorter time I have these days for everything I need to manage.

Anyways… I did a very quick photoshoot for my darling girl just cos it’s long overdue. Last year I didn’t get to do anything much with her because my priority was all work, work and “fire-fighting” with non-stop events in my life together with my family.

This photo tugged a big string in my heart.

This beautiful little girl… she is not whom I remember the last time I photographed her with my work camera.

Parenting has gone a whole new level recently. A lot more challenging mental wise. She is growing into someone totally different, with her own beliefs and thoughts.

Oh how much she has hurt me with her words… and how much more she has made me feel so loved with her gestures and love notes.

It can get overwhelming at times… but I wouldn’t trade her for anyone else. ❤️

Salam Aidilfitri from us all at ALP.

May you all get to do what matters most – spend quality times with your loved ones, most importantly, be present in each other’s life.

God Bless and be safe during your holiday journeys!

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