Sekinchan Family Portraits ♥ The Gan’s Family

Petaling Jaya Family Portraits ♥ A&R Family.
11 August 2019

This family has been supporting me and my business since 2011. We became Facebook friends, and we reconnected for youngest Ti Ti’s newborn session.

Last year, mummy WK contacted me again wanting to have another family portrait session for their memories. She wanted something different, and by chance, I was just thinking about a recent trip to Sekinchan. So I suggested the location to this family, since they love travels and exploring new places.

We agreed and I brought my family along for a one night stay at this unique little home-stay place. It was a lovely time spent together, eating and enjoying the fresh air over there. We talked till late night, and wished we didn’t need to sleep, haha.

Thank you for being a part of my life’s journey. This memory will forever play a meaningful part of my life as a photographer, and as a friend.