Your baby will go through several milestones in the first year, therefore baby portrait sessions with us are a perfect way for us to help you document these precious moments.

The best ages for a baby portrait session are 6 months (when baby has stronger backbone to sit up with support), and between 10-12 months (when baby is starting to crawl & maybe stand up with support!). There are just so many new expressions and physical abilities coming out from a growing baby, and you willwant to have these captured for your memories.

All our baby sessions do not last more than 2 hours, taking into consideration that baby’s attention span and energy level will not last longer than that. We want a happy, relaxed session that ends with a positive note. Hence, we will call it a day once your baby decided it’s enough.

We also offer similar portrait session to older children, ideally once a year of your child’s growing up phase. From a tiny toddler that never stay at one spot, to a little chatterbox that just wants to know everything from the sky down to earth and under! You will treasure these moments as the years go by and they grow to adulthood.

It’s important to include both mummy AND daddy into the portrait sessions because often enough, one parent is always the one behind the camera when at home. You will want your child/ren to know that they have their parents/guardians with them during their childhood!

Let’s experience your baby’s milestones together!

Our Packages For Your Consideration:

Eternalizing your cherished memories, one at a time.