My father once told me, "A pregnant woman is the most beautiful because of her glow & curves, especially when she smiles with so much love."

Every pregnancy is a miracle. It’s only befitting that you should have your pregnancy moments documented before your baby arrives. Treasure your time with your spouse together or with your existing family size... for it will be life changing once again when your little bundle of joy greets the world & enter your life.

We want to share your excitement & anticipation together with you and your loved ones. Besides celebrating your pregnancy beauty, we want to also focus on the intimate emotions that is presence surrounding your pregnancy.

Our maternity portrait session can be conducted either at our home setting studio located in Subang Jaya, or at the comfort of your home. For those who loves adventure, we can head out to be with the nature or at the urban settings of your favourite city.

We have a few selections of maternity dresses to be used for a more intimate yet elegant type of shots. Please enquire within to know more.

Best time to set your maternity portrait session is between the 7th or 8th month of your pregnancy term. This is because your baby bump will be most visible, minus the water retention that will kick in during the final month.

Let’s celebrate your baby bump together!

Our Packages For Your Consideration:

Eternalizing your cherished memories, one at a time.