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What's Brewing?
23 June 2009
New Logo!
10 July 2009

Hello Hello Hello…

Once again… so sorry for the lack of posting lately. Still busy shooting & editing some wonderful series of moment I’ve captured recently.

I’ve also been caught up with taking care of Haley by myself as my mother went home for 10 days. During her absence, Haley had had her first fall and she had a bad shock which lasted for almost a week. I took the whole week off to be with Haley, calming & soothing her cries almost 24 hours. Good news is… she’s totally fine now. Doctor didn’t find anything wrong with her after the fall and Haley’s finally calmed down after we’ve prayed over her few days back. She’s now back being a happy & naughty girl at home. 🙂

Okay… this post will have to be a short one. Just want to let you know that I’m the in the midst of having my logo re-designed as well as getting a new blog template. Am also going to have the new blog be hosted on my own domain pretty soon. Very exciting! Well… at least it is to me! Hahaha… 😀

Till then… have a wonderful (coming) weekend!

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