Baby Portraiture – Little Aradhia

Baby Portraiture – Little Jaelyn
23 October 2018
Newborn Portraits ♥ Baby Elizabeth
25 November 2018

This cutie pie was 7-months young when she came to our home-styled studio in Subang Jaya for her very first professional baby portraits to be taken. It’s been quite some time since I had babies her age to work with, and I find myself yearning to photograph more babies at this age!

Babies aged 6-7 month is one of my absolute favorite age to work with because they’re always so expressive & never stingy with their smiles. Little A has just learned to sit up more firmly with very little support, so we had fun playing with her & capturing her cute little self in different settings and attires lovingly prepared by her mummy dear.

My favoritest moment was of her playing with her new shoes, as she’d just discovered both her feet and able to catch them with her tiny hands.

Her family portraits was such a breeze, because mummy & daddy interacted with her constantly, showing off their crazy love to their precious little girl.
I went home with a heart so full of happiness & good memories. And I hope this little family did too. <3