Studio Newborn Portraits ♥ Kalle

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25 January 2019
Studio Maternity Portraits ♥ Doreen & Elson
26 April 2019

Daddy C came to one of my BLOOM photography workshop many years back. He was a photography hobbyist & wanted to explore if it’s the next career path for him. Fate has it that he’s now a very successful real estate agent. 😀 We continue to stay connected after the photography workshop till today. And when he contacted me to enquire about my newborn photography service, I was very happy indeed.

Due to some circumstances, he couldn’t secure his newborn slot with me until much later. Baby Kalle finally came to my studio at the age of 1 month exactly. I pre-informed his parents that we may not be able to achieve many sleepy curly newborn poses if Baby Kalle has grown too alert & sensitive to touches at his older age situation. They trusted me to do whatever I could as long as they get some nice photos to keep as memories. 🙂

Imagine my delight when Baby Kalle came in, wide awake BUT was such a super calm 1 month old baby! After another feed, he decided to take a nap and allowed me to do some poses with him. He was not quite in deep sleep, as he could feel the movements and sound surrounding him. But he didn’t give us any cry, and would calmly fall back to sleep as I slowly move him about while lulling him back to sleep.

We ended up with a number of beautiful portraits that day. Working in the studio made it a lot easier since I have all the things I needed to make the transition of shots easier and smoother.
Thank you Daddy C & family for being so patience that day. 🙂 I truly enjoyed the process.