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2 February 2011
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18 February 2011

Okay… this post is a bit different today. I’ve been told by one of my blog reader recently that my “Comment” feature is just not working for her. So I need your help, dearest readers. To test the feature for me. It’s simple. Just click “Leave a Comment” right underneath this post and write “Test” or if you’d like, just a simple note to me. 🙂

Then, you’ll need to go through a SPAM security feature before you can get your entry through by choosing THREE similar images as instructed.

The Comment feature with SPAM filter

The "Comment" feature with SPAM filter

Let’s see of where the problem is… let’s hope it’s nothing. Appreciate your help, dearest friends. 🙂

So here goes…


Found the problem! Seems like many misunderstood or missed the SPAM Filter feature below the comment box. As not many has this unique feature of “clicking on desired images” as their SPAM filter on the blogs, I guess many just didn’t realize about the feature actually existed here at all!

SO I’ve re-phrased the instructions & hopefully this will make it clearer & easier for future readers to submit their comments for me here. 🙂 AND YES! I do love comments from you all. *hint hint*

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