How The Magic Unfolds

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26 October 2012
Year End Babies!
24 December 2012

Often enough I get lovely emails & comments on my Facebook Page about how the images I’ve captured were magical, and how I have the magic touch to make these images beautiful. Well, truth to be told the magic is REAL! But… it’s not me who has the magic touch. It’s how the love & happiness of my clients help create these magical images. 🙂

During every shoot, I will visualize a setting where I see beautiful lighting and equally beautiful backdrop are available at the location of our photography session. Then, I’ll “put” my clients there. So what’s next, you may ask? Well… I’ll then encourage my clients to be themselves. To interact with each other. To forget this big black box in front of my face. To look into each others eyes & communicate within. To kiss & smell the person next to them. To feel the ray of life & cooling breeze that surrounds them. To forget what is not define as pretty & happy, instead, to remember & recreate what makes them warm & joyful inside.

And if this doesn’t work… I’ll create a scenario for them to imagine or act on. Often enough, this worked. And then I wait… I wait for the magic to happen.

And here are a few magical moments I’ve managed to capture with my big black box. 😉

The moment when Little N leaned on her mummy & embraced her baby bump, then looked up at her mummy with that cheeky smile. That’s MAGIC.

The moment Baby S reaches out her hand & touches her daddy, while looking into his eyes. That’s MAGIC.

The moment Baby K peeps over his daddy’s head, trying to get assurance from him that it’s okay to be so high up there. That’s MAGIC.

The moment C & R touched their noses together & C cracked up a funny face. That’s MAGIC.

The moment Little H gave out a shrill laugh while being swing around by her mummy, that’s MAGIC.

The moment Baby E looked into his daddy’s eyes while his doting parents looked over him lovingly, that’s MAGIC.

The moment Baby A squeals with happiness playing with her parents, that is Magic!

So really… I have my clients to thank for everything magical seen in my work. All the plannings, the long walks, the efforts to carry the props, the efforts to manage the children, the sweats and many more… All these are worthwhile after all! Do you agree with me? 😉

Alritey… Bedtime soon so I better wrap up for today & look forward to another crazy, hopeful day tomorrow! Good night world and thank you so much for continuing to follow this blog. 😉 Sweet dreams & let the magic appears!