There's Something About Haley

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6 May 2009
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14 May 2009
  • Since she’s a “big” baby (born at 4.2 kg), she gets hungry real fast and when we feed her, she guzzles down her milk like a sink hole! When she’s done, she’ll “flick” the nipple out with her tongue with such a force!
  • Sometimes when she “poo poo”, her face will go all red & she’ll start crying. After “poo poo”, she’ll make such a cute face with her lips all puckered up and you can really see how much relieved she’s gotten!
  • Very recently, she’s gotten to liking her rocking car seat. She normally will stop crying after we put her in the seat. We think she prefers sitting up than sleeping flat down.
  • She doesn’t like dirty diapers, especially with “poo poo” inside. She’ll not stop crying until we clean her. However, she’ll tolerate some pee to a certain extend.
  • She snores, grunts, whines, smiles and even chuckles during her sleep.
  • She can lift up her neck for a few seconds while lying on her stomach when she’s only a few days old. Lately, she can sit up straight for nearly a whole min without any support!
  • She doesn’t like being swaddled like most babies. She loves sleeping with both her arms spread apart above her head.

We celebrated her “fullmoon” (1-month age) recently and she slept almost thru the party, waking up for about half hr before we took her back home to settle for bedtime. Hahaha… Have just gotten the party pics yesterday & will be posting some up soon.

Meantime, here are a few shots I took of Haley during the day she turned 1-month old. All shots were taken with my NEW Canon 5D MKII! 😀

This is the "After I Poo Poo" look

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