“To Sacrifice, To Love” by Elina Goh

Travel: Earth Hour 2010
27 March 2010
Winner Announcement: ALP’s Birthday Contest 2010
30 March 2010

Late submission via email

It started more than 3 years back when I first peeped through the kitchen and pretended to be making drinks when the group arrived. Scanning anxiously through the group to see whom is the lucky fella whom my friend Ami is supposed to be paired up with. I asked a friend close by who is the man? Which one? My friend pointed to a shiny bald headed man with a thick mustache, I laughed out loud uncontrollably and disturbed Ami who was beside me saying “ Ami, your future boyfriend is bald!!!!” followed with more hysterical laughter. I laughed till my sides ached and couldn’t laugh anymore.

Dino who was surprised to hear someone laughing and wondered what was the joke. He was then introduced to me by our pastor and friend, Edmund. We said our hellos while I winked cheekily at Ami. She was flushed and told me with her fingers cautioning me that she will pay her revenge and ask me to “Wait and Watch out.”

I came to know that Dino came from a notorious background with a really colorful record with the authorities. He didn’t even finish his form 3 and worked as a lorry driver when I first met him. Of course, there wasn’t much romantic chemistry between Ami and Dino and both ended up as good friends.

Ami’s wish was granted 2 years from the meeting where she became our MC on our wedding day told the exact story to the crowd and it created a row. Everyone laughed. Yes, I married the shiny bald headed guy and you can imagine Ami laughing at me for the longest time. Till today I still get tortured by her reminding me I ended up with Dino the Dinosaur, quoting me of course.

Prior to the wedding we received much opposition from my family who thinks I should marry a person with the same academic qualifications or better. Dino supported me through my Masters Degree not only emotionally, spiritually but also financially. My parents were mad with me and cut off my financial aid. Poison letters were sent to my house days before the wedding to tarnish Dino’s reputation further. To see the disappointment in my parents and their fear really breaks my heart. However, I know that this man is the one for me and I received much support from my spiritual family. They prayed and helped us through from the beginning to the end.

You might be thinking that I made the most sacrifice to marry the shiny bald headed guy. But I did not. I not only gain his unconditional for me and sacrifice his all to give me the best that he can. I know it’s me who was most blessed. Not even academic qualifications or looks or even financial status. It’s finding the purest love sent from heaven above.

p/s: Dino now has full grown long hair which he ties it into a pony tail and shaved off his facial hair. He doesn’t look 12 years my senior but looks pretty good.