“To Sacrifice, To Love” by Irene Lim-Jesuthasan

Project 365 (Year 2010): Looong Overdue
14 March 2010
“To Sacrifice, To Love” by Stephen Wong
19 March 2010

This submission was done via her Facebook Note.

I see you lie there everyday,
Unable to get up,
Unable to move around freely,
Trapped in your own body,
As disease ravage your body,
I am filled with helplessness.

I remember the days past,
When you were robust, free and able,
When we use to laugh, cry and share,
But that was years ago,
These days you lie in bed filled with pain,
Relying on others for help.

The little things that I do,
The hope and prayers,
I know it’s all I can do now, all we can do now,
The sacrifices I make, is no sacrifice at all,
I do it with joy as you are my only sister,
I know that you may not have long on earth
but do any of us?
Our precious moments will be treasured forever.

What do I do if I win this?
I’m not too sure Asther. A photo of her two girls with her and her husband? Of course it must be done indoors 🙂 at her place.