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Little Aden’s Mommy
23 December 2010
Little Song Teng’s Daddy & Mommy
27 December 2010

During my “struggling” years, I used to frequent Daddy T’s pub almost every night after a tiring day at work. From the years when I was working full-time as dive professional on the many islands here in Malaysia, to the days when I finally gave corporate world a try & went into advertising. Yes… I was struggling… to find that “something”. I wasn’t sure what that “something” was then. I guess it’s security… a goal… a “something” which will finally fill an empty space deep inside my heart. I’m pretty sure almost everyone had to go through this stage in life. And I was one of them. 😉

Looking back to those years… those days… I dare say I’ve found parts of that “something”. I’ve finally acknowledged to myself that I’ve achieved quite a sum in my life. I’ve traveled quite a fair bit to many beautiful places. I’ve met so many different people along the way. I’ve tried on so many things which opened my eyes & heart while living on this earth. Yes… I’m thankful. 🙂

Heck… I found my soul-mate and married him. I was given the greatest gift from above, our Little Haley. Being a parent myself now, I grew to appreciate more of what my own parents have done & given to me. And I’m still growing… and loving it so far! 😉

Anyway… back to Daddy T! He and his people at the pub took care of me pretty well when I came to them every night. I normally went alone. A single lady… drinking myself to numb the fatigues & to soften the dozens of questions in my head. Not once I was disturbed or taken advantage of by the other pubs goers there. Cos Daddy T and his friends made sure I’m always safe. And I thank you, for that, Daddy T. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for all the laughter and cheers and care!

I’m very happy that Daddy T finally found Mommy I and soon after, came Little A. Mommy I decided that she likes what I do and she entrusted me with a special project this year. As with my other shoots & projects, I put my whole heart into them. But I guess I dare say I’ve put a little more extra into this one. Why you ask? Hmmm… I think cos this is a little more special. Cos I get to document a very special moment for Littl Aden and family. Specifically his relationship with his grandparents.

I still remember vaguely my little moments with my maternal grandmother. She took care of me for a number of years when both my parents had to work & make a living for the family. She was always so soft-spoken, so sweet, so loving. I guess it wasn’t hard for her cos I was her only grandchild then. And she’s always been so proud of who I am. Even in her final few years on earth, she constantly ask about me when I was away in America, then to Kuala Lumpur. I was at her bedside during her final hours. She finally passed away due to old age. And I miss her. But I thank God for her. And I pray she’s now in God’s home having a great time with the other angels. 🙂

Boy oh boy… this post is getting too long! I guess it’s what December does to people like me. 😛 Getting too reflective. Anyway… I better get back to the main topic now.

I made a special book for Aden boy this year. Mommy I, told me that she loves it to bits. I want this book to serve as a special memorabilia for Aden. A keepsake which he’ll treasure forever. Here are the photo-story I managed to print-screen out from the book layout. This is gona be a LOOOOONG post cos there are 22 photos below. 😛 Alternatively, you can view the slideshow on my Flickr here.

Here’s wishing you all a Blessed Merry Christmas with your family & friends. I’ll be spending mine with my loved ones this year. 🙂 More blog posts coming soon!

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