Turning 7…

The Beauty of Life
25 February 2016
15 April 2016
Asther Lau Photography

Photo taken 6yrs ago on her 1st birthday at Pangkor Laut Resort. Her very first cake smash on the sandy beach. 😉

7 years today, I gave birth to a chubby little girl (she was a whopping 4.12kg) and my life was turned upside down and all around ever since.

My life now is like a fairytale, filled with both all things bad and all things good. But most of all, it’s filled with so much love one heart can only contain. A life I’ve never dreamed it will be like today.

7 years… Each stage has been different in our journey together. And I must say it’s just amazing and exhausting all at the same time.

My Haley is now a beautiful, intelligent big girl. With a heart so soft and yet strong all at once. She has such sensitive soul she’d cry when her favorite cartoon characters fought with each other. She’s come to give me comfort with her hugs & kisses when I’m at my lowest point.

She’s growing to be much like me, yet different at the same time. She loves adventures, and will always try to find a solution to every problem. She’ll always want to help people without even thinking of her own well being first. She also loves reading just like her mummy.

She is very forgetful as well (arrrgghhhh), and will tear easily at everything that shakes her world. She’s a girly girl, while her mummy was more of a tomboy back then. 😉

7 years… to me this year is going to be a new stage of our journey with her. I have to learn to let go to allow her find her independence. To allow her be the person she’s destined to be.

I found myself getting upset at her more often these days. For all things I found imperfect of her. And although I know this is so wrong of me to react this way… I still find myself struggling to handle the situations better. But I am trying and will never give up. For her imperfectness is how she will find a way to be perfect.

Oh my little girl… you’re my life… and since before you were born, I swore I’ll do anything to make it right by you. And I’m still trying to keep that promise. Be kind to this ol’ heart of your mother. For you are my breath and my everything.

Happy Birthday, my sweet love.