Underwater Pre-Wedding Portraits – Dennis & Grace

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4 April 2018
Water Play Photography – The Hew’s Clan
1 May 2018

I was contacted by Dennis about my underwater photography services, less than a month before his big day with his fiancé! Talk about last minute. Hahaha… He only wanted a few images of their underwater portraits printed to be displayed during their wedding day reception. So, I offered him my most basic “Portraiture Digital” package which suits his needs perfectly.

Just under 2 weeks of preparation (in between this, he went up Mount Kinabalu!) including the process of confirming his booking, we finally met for the very first time at the pool location that I’ve arranged for the photo session. Grace managed to get a white wedding dress (she got it at quite a bargain during her recent travel!) for the session and off we went into the water!

I was not sure if they’re actually comfortable enough being underwater to ease the photoshoot process, but I was pleasantly surprised when Dennis managed to take hold of Grace’s hands and guided her throughout the session smoothly! They told me that they will not want to put any expectations to this session, except that they will just go with the flow. Their love for fun & positive excitements helped the atmosphere, and we had so much laughter together.

Grace’s smile really lit up the images while Dennis’ cool poise made it look really easy! Hahaha… We managed to wrap up after 2 hours being in the swimming pool. We bid each other farewell & promised to communicate through emails & phone messages from then on.

I felt quite happy with the images that turned out. To be honest, it’s been more than 8 years since my last underwater pre-wedding assignment and I was kind of nervous with the entire process. But I’m thankful everything went on quite smoothly with an outcome that both Dennis & Grace are happy to share with their loved ones.