Ushering the New Year of the Horse (2014)

Sleepy Weekend?
11 January 2014
Good Fortune, Good Health & Good Luck to you!
30 January 2014


So it’s coming to the new year of the Horse soon as we celebrate the new Chinese New Year Celebration in about 2 weeks time. I’ve been told that it’s going to be a challenging year for me at the work front, even though I’m born in the year of the Horse.

But I believe in God. That He will provide. He will continue to guide me hand in hand as long as I do not walk astray. I’d be lying if I say I couldn’t care less. Cos I am a very emotional being. I function with my emotions, more so than logic & needs. But I will try my best to keep it all in a balance. For balance is good. 🙂

Wishing everyone a prosperous, happy & smooth Chinese New Year of the Horse this 2014! Let’s all gallop on with much focus & energy to reach our destinations.