Water Play Photography – The Hew’s Clan

Underwater Pre-Wedding Portraits – Dennis & Grace
19 April 2018
What to Wear Inspiration – Purplish + Pinkish Combo
2 May 2018
Gooood morning!
Thank you so much for the amazing response on our recent sharing of Dennis & Grace’s pre-wedding underwater photos.
Do you know that we also do water-play photoshoot for families with water-loving children? ? We’ve just uploaded a new batch of images to share with you on our Portfolio Galleries.

I’ve known this wonderful family for many many years, since little brother was still in mummy’s womb. Never in my life would I expect to be sharing moments with these cheeky fellas swimming in the water together! Their parents are very easy going couple, and they totally believe in exposing their boys to the nature as part of a learning environment. Hence, they’re always at ease being outdoor, doing something really fun and exciting together.

I always treasure this opportunity given to me… seeing the brothers grow up together, each with their own personalities yet they learn to get along with each other & accept each other’s strengths & weaknesses. And learning from awesome parents such as theirs on how to be a better, more responsible parents.

Check out their pretty awesome photos!