We Are Now ONE

Event: Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 l Putrajaya l Malaysia
1 September 2007
Our Wedding Vow
14 November 2007

I’m now officially MARRIED! Both Civil & in Church. Yup… I’m now Mrs Tan!

Photo courtesy of Mike D.

It was a beautiful day. A Beautiful wedding. Minor hiccups but we pulled through. Our greatest gratitude to our dearest friends & cousins. We got the flowers we wanted and I had the most beautiful hand bouquet + floral arrangements I’ve ever seen. I managed to fit into the dresses despite the slight weight gain. But all is good. 

Will blog more about it later. I’m sure some of my frens are composing their versions of the wedding day, so I’m waiting for what they’ll write. Yet to get any photos from our photographer friends. So, stay tuned, k? Will upload as soon as we get some.

Both darling & I are very happy. Busy now with our frens who are still in Kuching. We’ve been going around, visiting some local tourist attractions. We just got back from a LOOOOONNNG jungle trekking in Bako National Park. So… tired now. Will blog again later.

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