We Did It!

We're Pregnant!
13 October 2008
17 November 2008

Asther & Francis

It is our 1st Year Wedding Anniversary today.

I’ve been thanking the Almighty for the precious moments & opportunities we’ve shared throughout the years. Everytime I looked into darling’s eyes, I feel a wonderful twitch of happiness & contentment which is hard for me to describe but beautiful to feel.

Now that we’re beginning another new chapter of life together, I can only pray that the future will continue to be this blissful. Our little baby is actively kicking inside me and we’re savouring every moment until little junior comes into our world.

I LOVE YOU darling and THANK YOU for giving me the opportunities to be one of the happiest person ever. Here’s to many more years to come!


Your Babe

Asther & Francis

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