We Sincerely Value Your Support & Love

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4 December 2014
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18 December 2014

To our dearest valued customers & fans,

(Let us thank you in advance for your precious time in reading this long announcement ;))

Due to the overwhelming support we’re getting from you lovely people, we have reached to a level where Kien (my personal assistant) and I are CONSTANTLY kept on our fingers and toes trying to keep up with all new enquiries while we are trying our very best to assist all requests from our existing clients.

We truly value all your support and your love for us, and we hate to disappoint anyone in any way!

Both Kien and I are full-time mothers holding full-time jobs, therefore our priorities are to our families and to our existing clients. But that doesn’t mean we do not love our future clients and fans. We DO!

Therefore, we hope for your kind understanding that we won’t be able to act as fast as a 24-hr customer service would be able to provide, BUT we will try our very best to revert back to you via writing as soon as we possibly can.

Unfortunately at this moment, we won’t be able to do impromptu phone or in-person consultations, as well as reply emails every minute of the day and night.

Feel free to browse our website here for info on our existing packages (standard packages and specials), and if you find anything that interest you to book a session with me, we will love you SO much if you could send us an enquiry via our online Contact Me Form.

This form contains some information we will need from you which will assist us in providing suitable information and packages to you promptly.

If you need to PM us on our FACEBOOK page instead, we will appreciate if you could provide us with these details in advance:

1. What type of photography session are you looking for?

2. Any specific date/month you would prefer to book for your session?

3. If you’re looking at maternity/newborn sessions, can we have your latest EDD given by your doctor please?

4. May we know how many adults and children (with ages) will be included in the session?

5. And lastly but not least, can we have your email address and contact number please?

Thank you so so so much! We love you for loving us back.

“Patience is a Virtue, and all doors open to Courtesy”