We're Getting Married

My Family
22 June 2007
Giant Frogfish
12 July 2007

“Alaasss…”, “Finally!”, “It’s about time!”

Yup… those were the responses we got when we slowly spread the news among our circle of friends & relatives.

Well… some of you might be wondering why haven’t we told YOU about our wedding?! Hehehe…

First of all, we’ve only confirmed & decided VERY recently. I’ve been busy travelling up & down Kuching since January, so we hardly have the right time to sit down & discuss about getting married & the what-not…

Secondly, WE ARE STILL PLANNING the wedding ceremony & dinner. Currently, we’ve set the date for our church wedding in Kuching, but not for the dinner in KL.

Thirdly, we have a busy schedule hence hardly have time to meet-up with everybody or talk on the phone whole day. We only tell those we’ve met recently or talked on the phone recently about the good news. Heck, we managed to tell darling’s family in the U.S ONLY LAST WEEK!

SO… we hope all our friends will forgive us for the lack of communication & wait for our “saman” (invitation card) once we’ve finalized all details for the wedding, ok? OR you can call us now (after reading this blog, of course!) and get more details from the horse’s mouth. *wink*

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