We're Pregnant!

2 August 2008
We Did It!
10 November 2008

Pregnant Aug 2008 

Yes… that’s the reason for the long silence. I’m now 17 weeks pregnant and doing better than in the 1st trimester. Was having it difficult with long hours of morning sickness. Thus, I couldn’t concentrate much on anything else I get all dizzy & tired. Been sleeping a lot and have not been eating well.

But that’s all going away now! I’m nearly back to my ol’ self. Baby bump’s starting to show & getting bigger (picture later). I’m starting to feel the baby’s movement in the womb. It’s like a fluttering kind of movement which is pretty exhilirating at times. We’re pretty excited wth seeing the baby being so active in the womb from the scans.

Here’s a scan taken recently. Sorry as wasn’t that clear. Had the setting done wrongly on the camera.


Trying to start doing my photography and photo editing work again. Pray it’ll go smoothly from here. Okay… will try to write again soon. Need to rest now.

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