Winterbourne House & Garden – Birmingham

Little Teddy
7 February 2018
Family Portraits – Felix & Clan
13 February 2018

Come March 2018, I will be heading back to England for a 2.5 weeks visit.

And this reminds me that I have not shared my last trip’s photos & experience! Therefore, today I will be sharing one of the many wonderful experience I have had with my family & friends during our first trip to the country of scones & tea, amazing gardens and century old castles.

Back in 2015, I signed up for my very first big newborn photography related tradeshow which involves mini photography workshops as well as exhibitions and vendor booth sales. I always believe in education in order to grow, and even though I have been in the newborn photography business for several years, I will always want to learn more on how to better myself in this business.

Hence, with a big hole in my pocket but with a heart full of anticipation, I went to the U.K together with my family for our annual family travel AND for me to attend the tradeshow.

We were very lucky to be able to find an affordable hotel via Agoda which is nearby the tradeshow location. After the tradeshow was over, we still have another day in Birmingham & we decided to explore nearby. Using Google Map and its recommendation of nearby tourist attractions, we found this interesting place called Winterbourne House & Garden. We have always loved beautiful parks and natural scenery, so we decided to give that place a try. With our rented car, we drove to the location which was just 15 minutes away.

To our pleasant surprise, this place was so beautiful & serene even towards the end of Spring season. The flowers were still in full bloom and the garden was so very well kept. We didn’t see many tourists there, perhaps because it was just another ordinary weekday to the locals there.

We spent a good 4 hours there, walking leisurely & stopped frequently for photo opportunities. I had the Olympus OM-D E-M1 loan unit from Olympus Malaysia for this trip and paired with a few lenses, it was a wonderful setup for this travel because they’re light-weight & small enough for my not-so-big hands. Taking photos with this setup was a breeze because the focusing speed was fast and spot on. It’s color production wasn’t as warm as I am used with my Canon setup, but with a little tweak in Adobe Lightroom, the result was just amazing.

See for your-self, the ever beautiful Winterbourn House & Garden in Birmingham.

I still have a few slots available for a meet-up or a mini portrait session while I am in London this coming March 2018. If you’re free to meet-up for a drink or a portrait session with me, do Contact Me soon so that I can arrange with you immediately. 🙂

Till then, wishing you a wonderful weekend with our loved ones.